Indicator-jenkins is now even more awesome

My latest hobby project, indicator-jenkins is now even better (I wrote about this previously, in case you missed it).

New features since my last blog post:

  • The code is now much nicer, and will be much easier to extend. My long-term goal is to support other types of CI servers (I'll probably have to change the project name I guess).
  • Desktop notifications are generated for each new build of a monitored project. The notification includes the status and health report of the last build.
  • LOTS of bug-fixes, especially around the settings UI. I'm still not happy with the settings dialog UI, but it's at least usable now.
To get it installed, do the following:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thomir/indicator-jenkins
$ sudo apt-get install indicator-jenkins

Then launch indicator-jenkins from the unity dash or command line (Note: Launching it from the command line generates a LOT of debug output - I will turn this off in future releases).