My Morning thus far

My morning thus far:

Woke up. Noticed it had been snowing. Roughly 4-5 centimetres on the ground, and still coming down, although it's more ice crystals than snow.

Since today is the first day that my company is exhibiting at the BETT trade show in London, got dressed in snazzy new company shirt, and trudged my way (30 minutes) to train station.

Bought £21 ticket. Went into station, just in time to hear announcment that all trains were terminating at woking, and there would be no services to London. Damn!

Walked home through park. Snow quite pretty, but cold and wet as well:

Finally got back home. Roads didn't look too bad, so I thought I could at least drive into office. Cleared car of snow and ice, drive 2 metres forward and got stuck, half in, and half out of driveway!

So here's the thing: If the gulf stream breaks down, or becomes more erratic, this will happen more and more. We need infrastructure to cope with the bad weather. How do other countries deal with this?


Just purchased Torchlight from steam. It's brilliant - casual, but not brain dead, exciting, but not over done, simple, but not stupid. It'll even run on a netbook.

Go - get it now!