KiwiPyCon 2012 will be in Dunedin

It is a great honour and privilege to be involved in bringing the New Zealand Python developers conference (KiwiPyCon) to Dunedin in 2012. I intend to blog regularly with details of next year's conference as they emerge, so watch this space for more information over time!

Finally, a huge "Thank You" to Tim McNamara for organising the best KiwiPyCon to date. I have a huge task ahead of me, and he's raised the bar very high indeed.

Have any good ideas for next year? Please let us know!

Sloecode 1.1 - get your bugreports in now!

I'm at KiwiPyCon in Wellington, New Zealand. It turns out, being surrounded by geeks is great inspiration & motivation. Because of this, I've created a Sloecode 1.1 milestone in launchpad. If you have any bugreports or feature reuests, now's the time to get them in!

...I can't believe I'm asking people for bug-reports. This feels wrong...

Sloecode: now with 100% more website

Sloecode now has a real website! It's a rather minimalist affair at present, but it's better than nothing!

Since I last blogged, the setup instructions for the Sloecode server have changed a lot. The new instructions are available on the new site.