Life Update

Yes, It's been a while.

In the last few months I've been through the painful experience of trying to keep a company running despite the best efforts of the directors. Realising that the odds were stacked against me I decided to throw in the towel and relocate back to New Zealand.

So farewell England! I arrived as a graduate programmer, with a bit of open source hacking under my belt, and left with several years programming experience, a whole ton of knowledge that could not be leaned through any means but hard work, not to mention a few (emotional) scars. It's been a great experience, and one I encourage any graduate to do.

So now I'm back in Dunedin, what am I doing? Well, I've taken a 12 month contract to teach at Otago polytechnic; I'll be teaching third year programming and database papers. I've also completed a short stint programming for ARL and fixing the Survival Factor exhibits at Otago Museum. I'm hoping to set myself up as a contractor, so I can take on any odd jobs that I see.

My hope is that I will be able to return to more open source hacking now that I'm in a more flexible working environment. I'm not sure what project I'll end up helping - perhaps KDE, perhaps something new.

Will write more soon.