It seems that interesting blog posts come in berths. I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on a few interesting ones I've seen around recently:

Aaron Seigo on Multiscreen X

This is a topic I've been fretting about for a long time - why can't we get multi-screen support done properly? My personal theory is that since we've had multiple virtual desktops for a long time, there has been less need for solid multi-screen support.

The panel problems that Aaron mentions really don't bother me that much. What I really want is a few more window management buttons - for example, one that allows me to move a window to the second monitor, and back again.

Jeff Atwood on Extensions

Jeff argues that many of the extensions currently provided for in firefox should be shipped by default. I can see where he's coming from, but at the same time you must realize that firefox started life as a slimmed down version of the older Mozilla browser. I can remember the days when switching to firefox meant having to wait 10 seconds for the browser to load, instead of 20-30.

Several of the user-comments on that page are very insightful. One chap mentions that perhaps we need a better way of browsing extensions, and grouping extensions together. Also, perhaps we need a firefox installation package that provides a core set of extensions pre-installed?

Of course, we don't want to get back to the mozilla days, so I can understand why firefox is shipped sans extensions.


Well, Easter is here - the first holiday I've had since my New Zealand trip. Should be good fun, except the weather promises to be bad.