Sloecode updates: UI tweaks

Several members of the sloecode team have been hard at work tweaking the sloecode web-app UI - we think we have a much more usable product as a result. We've still got a long way to go, but the UI is looking better every day. Here's a picture of the portal page a user sees when they log in:

Changes from the previous version include:

  • Addition of the project menu - this allows users to quickly jump to any project they are a member of.
  • Branch logs are now shown on separate pages, instead of cluttering up the main user/project page.
  • "Account Settings" and "Logout" Links are now pushed to the right of the page menu bar, which is where most users expect them to be.
  • More help topics have been written.
  • Lots of small textual changes to page content - too many to list individually.
We still have not got the server package into our PPA. In the mean time, installing and running a sloecode server involves a few manual steps, but is by no means complicated. If you're interested in the project, feel free to drop in the #sloecode channel on, or introduce yourself on the sloecode developers mailing list!