Releases Galore!

It would be negligent of me if I did not point out that today several important software releases were made:

The first is the project formerly known as project greenhouse - now known as Qt Creator. I've blogged about this before. You can now download a technical preview. I'm very excited about this - having played with it in it's beta state I can't wait to use it with some of my active projects. Unfortunately I won't be doing any coding this weekend, as I'm off to Switzerland for a long weekend. I'll have to try it out when I get back.

The second big release event today is the Ubuntu family of distributions. That's right, version 8.10 is out now. I'm a kubuntu man myself, so I'll be trying this out after my long weekend as well.

That's all from me - I have several projects in the wings to blog about in the coming weeks, but for now I need to catch some sleep - my taxi arrives at 5:00 AM tomorrow.