Pet Project: game

Yep, I'm writing a small game. I'm usually rather tight-arsed about proper code design before you start writing code, but I've realized that a lot of the time this stops me writing any code at all.

For this project my general methodology is to write whatever comes to mind, and be prepared to throw away code that I think is too crap to last in the final build.

In fact, my design phase has been so minimalistic I don't even have a name for the game. For now, it's just called "game". It's going to be a land-cased top-down 2D shooter, with lots of weapons and cool stuff. Right now it can load a very simple level format from XML; you can control the player using the keyboard "WASD" keys, and fire the players rifle using the mouse. Bullets have collision detection.

Here's an early video that shows the game sans collision detection:

My next step will be to have predefined objects for a level (right now they're all just boxes). I might start with an immobile gun turret - that should let me get some AI going for the enemies, as well as some health stats for the player and enemies.

Eventually I want to make the game easily extensible using QtScript for enemy AI.

Working with Qt4 has made this project an absolute breeze - there's hardly any code in this project! When it gets a few more features I'll upload the source online.