Holidays and Higher Standards

In the last few weeks, Jeff Atwood has posted a few articles about common problems in code. The one that grabbed my attention was about ASCII vs. Alphabetical sorting. I couldn't agreee more with the post. However, I think it's slightly unfair that the programmer cops the flack for these issues.

I know, that sounds odd. We write the code, why shouldn't we be responsible for it? Personally, I think that a lot of poor quality code is written in places where there is no higher standard. Managers accept code that achieves 90% of the initial specification, and thus bad code is born.

Programmers need to have a bit more pride in their work! Why can't we peer review other's code, even if it's not in a formal manner. What's wrong with striving to better your coding skills? Employers can help too - find the programmers who are serious about their work and offer to send them on a usability course. You will be rewarded with cleaner user interfaces, and happier programmers. Promote programmers who write good code - let THEM shape the programming culture in your business, not the programmers who have been there the longest.

On that note, I leave you, dear reader. I'm on holiday for three weeks in New Zealand. I'll try and take some photos and upload them when I get a chance.

Till we meet again!