So you missed PyCon US...

If you're anything like me you've watched another PyCon US come and go. Living in New Zealand makes attending overseas conferences an expensive proposition. So you've missed the conference. You've watched all the talks on, but it's still not enough. You'd love to attend a PyCon in person, perhaps one in an exotic location (what a great opportunity for a family vacation). Of course, I have a solution: Come to Kiwi PyCon!

In contrast to the US PyCon, Kiwi PyCon is a smaller, more intimate affair, with a few hundred delegates, two streams, and plenty of chances to meet other python hackers from the Australia/New Zealand/Pacific region. Places are limited, and registrations are open, so here's what you need to do to beat the post-PyCon blues:
  1. Go to, and register for the conference. While you're there, check out the sponsorship options!
  2. If you're feeling brave, submit a talk proposal!
  3. Book accommodation and flights (we will soon have accommodation options listed on the website).
  4. Count down the days to the conference!
It's that simple. Do it now!